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If there’s nothing else you enjoy more than watching a movie or an episode of your favorite show, then Gnula is the perfect app for you. This app lets you watch the latest international releases or the most popular shows directly from your smartphone and for free.

From classic films to the most spectacular new releases, Gnula offers you more than 40,000 titles. Yup, you’ve found the app that has the largest number of movies in the world.

Using Gnula is really simple: you can explore the different titles, either by genre or release date, find the movie that you want to watch and select it. The movie starts playing automatically on your smartphone; if you’re not sure if you really want to watch a particular movie, just read the technical information and a brief synopsis which can help you make up your mind.

Don’t ever feel like there’s nothing to do again and enjoy the best movies like you’ve never done before with Gnula.
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